Our Story

The first RezlohTM Cutting Edge was first created by contractor and heavy equipment operator R.A. Holzer in 1998. As an excavation business owner R.A. was always looking for ways to reduce wear on his machines and be more efficient with his time on the job.  Like you, he understood that the more time he could save and the longer he could keep his original equipment the better it was for business!  Being the “guy that could make anything from metal” he set to work fabricating a multi-purpose blade that would handle all types of soil, rock and debris whether digging or smoothing. After many years of cutting, welding, testing, scrapping and reworking the RezlohTM Cutting Edge has become a new standard for efficiency in the excavation industry.

Patent Information

Holzer Manufacturing holds the following patents on the RezlohTM Cutting Ege:
USA Patent 6,363,633 & DES406153
Canadian Patent 2,355,639
Mexican Patent 243503


This has proved to be worth its weight in gold, and has improved production of digging out and leveling sub-grade material by 20%.

Moffit Bros. Construction
Lostine, Oregon

The RezlohTM cutting edge let us do our job with less effort and less strain while giving us more production. It just made our loader/backhoe complete for less than 1% cost of the machine.

Dan Nuxoll
Nuxoll Builders, Inc.
Clarkston, WA

“The Rezloh™ edge has taken my loader/backhoe to a higher level of performance. After just the first few initial uses, I have noticed an improvement in my loader bucket’s performance. Immediate improved results are in store for anyone who adds one to their machine.”

Marv Blazewicz
Marv’s Concrete & Grading
Milwaukee, WI

I was amazed at the capabilities of this edge. The edge and what it has done for me in producing more efficiency leads me to highly recommend it to anyone that operates backhoes, or any other type of loader or excavation equipment. The increased production in the short time of this past few weeks, I would say, has been increased by as much as 65% over that with the standard cutting edge used by the industry to date.

Charles Hewitt
Owner, Hewitt Construction

This product will move material the way they claim and can’t help but reduce our repair costs. I am going to pursue with my company to put them on additional machines, and highly recommend it to others. What took so long?

Roy Schreifels
Wahco Construction

The RezlohTM Cutting Edge is able to clean flat surfaces such as concrete and asphalt with the same edge. Makes me wonder why anyone would choose to do it the old way. This is one product that truly does what it claims and more.

Joe Rada
Rada and Sons Excavating
Pasco, WA

There are many applications this cutting edge works great for, but when you’re all done with the main part of any job, the RezlohTM edge has the “finesse” of cleaning up loose material on any surface hard or soft. This was a smart investment, and productivity decision, my hat goes off to RezlohTM Company.

Clarence Chitwood
Owner, Chitwood Enterprises
Cusick, WA