If you own a backhoe, loader, skid steer or other excavator then our RezlohTM Cutting Edge is one accessory you can’t live without! It replaces both a standard edge and a toothbar with one bar that can grade, dig, level and back drag with no change out.

With one bar that does it all, you’ll save time and money!

With our RezlohTM Cutting Edge in on your machine you’ll;

  • Improve your digging efficiency with more material per load
  • Reduced wear and tear on your equipment
  • Work faster and more effectively
  • Use less horsepower
  • Conserve fuel

We manufacture the Rezloh™ Cutting Edge in the USA. The blade is made of high-grade steel plate. With a specially designed serrated edge with flush mount teeth our RezlohTM Cutting edge digs into difficult terrain that standard edges can’t handle;

  • Hard clay
  • Ice and snow
  • Compacted soils
  • Agricultural debris
  • Volcanic rock

RezlohTM Cutting Edges are available for over 45 different excavator manufacturers! So no matter what machine you’re using, a RezlohTM Cutting Edge is available for your blade or bucket. Click the shop tab to find the right edge for your machine.

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